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NPU foreign teachers experience China's rural revitalization

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Seventeen teachers and graduate students from 11 countries from Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) visited Linwei district in Weinan, Northwest China's Shaanxi province on Oct 13 to see the achievements of China's rural revitalization.

Foreign teachers visit a library donated by Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) to Xianwang primary school.

They first arrived at Xianwang primary school, where they listened to students talk about the poverty alleviation measures taken by NPU and the influence it has had on their lives.

Fawad Sharif Sayed Muhammad, a postdoctoral scholar from Pakistan and Esangbedo Moses Olabhele, a postdoctoral scholar from Nigeria, had nice things to say about the school.

They said, "These activities not only broaden children's vision, but also make them experience the interest of technology. Maybe in the future, we and these students can meet at the campus of NPU, which will be a valuable thing!"
The two also presented exercise books to the students as gifts.

NPU teacher Timothy Kingham gave an English lesson to fifth grade students, using games to teach them the language.

"These children are very cute and their English is pretty good. They adapted to the game very quickly. I think the lesson was very successful," Kingham siad.

Guglielmetti Auroresuzannereinesand, a French teacher who has been in China for nine years, said that she was surprised at the primary school's environment. "Developments in China's rural areas are pretty good."

Kingham gives an English lesson for students.
Kingham interacts with students
Auroresuzannereinesand talks with children.
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