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NPU foreign teachers experience China's rural revitalization

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Oct 19, 2021

In the afternoon, the group visited the Qiaoniang straw weaving cooperative in Weinan. The cooperative is a private processing company integrated with inheritance, design, production, training, processing and marketing.

Straw weaving has helped many women get rid of poverty. The company has offered order-based poverty alleviation skill training for women for a long time, helping them master a skill that can increase their incomes.

Since the establishment of the cooperative, it has helped more than 500 households, including more than 300 impoverished ones, totaling over 2,000 people. It has also helped over 400 people shake off poverty through related industries.

In a showroom, cushions, flower baskets and other items are weaved out of straw. The teachers were quite interested in these exquisite handmade straw-weaving works.

Auroresuzannereinesand takes a photo with the artwork.
Teachers check out straw weaving artwork
Tikhonov Evgenii, an assistant professor from Russia, uses straw to form the Chinese characters "I love China".

"This journey is very valuable. I am amazed at Chinese government's support to rural industries and rural economy for rural revitalization. Every village has its unique culture and industries. China makes these unique cultural industries revive with vitality. These are good experiences to learn. In the future, I will share China's precious experiences and successful practices to the friends of my country," said Arodh Lal Karn, an assistant professor from Nepal.

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