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2024 Global Talent Recruitment Fair held in Pudong New Area

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english.shanghai.gov.cn | Updated: Apr 11, 2024

ShanghaiTech University hosted the 2024 Pudong New Area Global Talent Recruitment Fair special session on March 21. The event attracted many students from renowned universities, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Maritime University and Shanghai Danji University.

During the three-hour event, 1,756 resumes were received and 1,648 interviews were conducted.

More than 100 scientific and technological enterprises and institutions participated in the event, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Medicine Institute, the Shanghai Zhangjiang Institute of Mathematics and the Zhangjiang Lab. Employers such as Shanghai Kuaixu Biology Co Ltd and Hongzhiwei Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd provided comprehensive insights into their companies and job opportunities, while also addressing students' inquiries. The employers also elaborated on the latest employment policies and offered guidance on optimizing resumes, all aimed at helping students gain a deeper understanding of job searches and enhancing their career-planning abilities.

Students engage in in-depth discussions with employers at the fair, gaining insights into their recruitment plans and professional requirements. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]

Fuxin, a personnel officer from Kuaixu Biology, said, "We are planning to recruit several molecular biology laboratory technicians. Following interviews with several students, we found that they possess a high level of specialization and extensive knowledge in the relevant field. "

"This is the first time our company has come to ShanghaiTech University to participate in offline presentations and recruitment activities. We hope to strengthen cooperation with the university in the future and attract more high-quality graduates," he added.

Qi Yue, the employment supervisor of the Student Affairs Office at ShanghaiTech University, expressed, "Through the recruitment fair, we have provided a platform for students to engage in direct communication with high-quality employers. We hope that everyone can deepen their understanding of the industry and secure fulfilling employment. This event was tailored to align with students' majors, categorized into four segments – artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biomedicine and general positions – making it easier for students to submit targeted resumes."

Moving forwards, plans are for Pudong to foster collaborations with domestic and international universities and institutions, recruit exceptional talents and expand the talent pool in the region.