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Foreign youth explore charm of Suzhou

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Apr 03, 2024

This year's iteration of the "Go Jiangsu" campaign kicked off in Suzhou on March 29, inviting young foreigners to explore the development of Jiangsu province.

A survey of several hundred young people from 60 countries worldwide was released during the opening ceremony. It revealed that about 60 percent of respondents have visited or resided in Jiangsu, with some staying for up to eight years. The province's "natural beauty" and "economic prosperity" emerged as the most attractive aspects for overseas young people.

A foreign youth roundtable is held at the opening ceremony of the "Go Jiangsu" campaign. [Photo/Jiangsu International Online]

During the opening ceremony, foreign youth delegates from countries including the United States, Russia, Germany, and Iran engaged in roundtable discussions, sharing their experiences and insights about Jiangsu.

Leo from Germany recalled his visit to German companies in Taicang, a county-level city in Suzhou. "I never imagined Taicang would host over 500 German companies. The economic potential here is remarkable. Such economic cooperation can lead to mutual benefits, which is something both nations' people aspire to see."

The foreign youth also explored the Pingjiang Historical and Cultural Street that same day, witnessing extraordinary embroidery craftsmanship and singing together the Jiangsu folk song "Jasmine Flower".

Foreign visitors learn about Suzhou embroidery craftsmanship at Pingjiang Historical and Cultural Street. [Photo/Jiangsu International Online]

The following day, they visited the Yuanhetang Cultural Industrial Park in Xiangcheng district, experiencing firsthand how cultural industries thrive with modern high-tech integration. The park accommodates a variety of interrelated industries including livestreaming e-commerce, film and animation, and e-sports.

Foreign young people sing a Chinese folk song together. [Photo/Jiangsu International Online]

Later, the foreign visitors toured the Suzhou Imperial Bricks Museum, where they learned about the journey of imperial bricks from the yellow mud by Yangcheng Lake to royal palaces.

Since its inception in 2018, the "Go Jiangsu" initiative has organized over 20 events across Jiangsu, inviting more than 200 foreign enthusiasts to participate in activities, fostering a global network of friendships.