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Mahmoud Soliman: Sowing the seeds of Chinese culture

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Sept 28, 2023

Mahmoud Soliman's journey from Egypt to China propelled him into the role of a cultural ambassador keeping his homeland and China connected. Graduating from Shanghai International Studies University, he discovered his true calling as an Arabic language instructor at SISU. This passionate "China enthusiast" aspires to sow the seeds of Chinese culture wherever he treads.

What anchored Mahmoud to Shanghai was the city's captivating blend of human compassion and cosmopolitan allure. He finds himself drawn to various facets of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, from the graceful strokes of brush calligraphy to the profound verses of classical poetry.

What else about Shanghai has truly etched itself into Mahmoud's memory? Is it the breakneck pace of development that he has witnessed over the past decade, or perhaps the city's unwavering commitment to shared environmental values that resonate with him?

To uncover the transformation that led Mahmoud from being a "knowledge seeker" to a "knowledge spreader”, be sure to delve into his captivating vlog! Discover what fuels his passion for teaching and introducing the rich cultures of Egypt and China to students worldwide.