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Zakirova Rimma Ilgizarovna: Weaving dreams and culture in Shanghai

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Sept 28, 2023

Zakirova Rimma Ilgizarovna is an international student from the heartland of Central Asia, Uzbekistan, currently pursuing a master's degree in Business Administration at Donghua University. Coming from a Tatar family, which is one of China's minority groups, her destiny has been intertwined with China since birth.

Ilgizarovna was honored with a prestigious full national scholarship, which has enabled her to embark on her graduate studies at Donghua University. She articulates her ambitions: "China presents an array of exemplary business models, such as the innovative retail models that cater to specific consumer demographics. I am eager to learn and, in the future, bring these advanced models back to my homeland."

Upon her arrival in Shanghai, Ilgizarovna's initial impression was that of encountering an international metropolis that spearheaded China's economic growth and stood prominently on the global stage. However, as she delved deeper into the city, she was pleasantly surprised. Beyond its modernity, she discovered the distinctive cultural charm woven into the ancient streets and alleyways of Shanghai.

In addition to immersing herself in the rich cultural exchanges, savoring the warmth of a friendly living environment, and forging cultural bonds through her passion for dance and photography, Zakirova has embarked on an exciting journey within Shanghai.

To uncover more about her experiences, join her through her vlog!