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Tang Zhe Tan: Embracing martial arts in Shanghai

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chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Sept 28, 2023

Meet Tang Zhe Tan, a student from Malaysia currently pursuing his studies at Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Antai College of Economics and Management.

At the age of 13, he became a martial arts enthusiast, inspired by his love for martial arts films and his dream of coming to China to learn the combat tradition. This dream fueled his dedication, leading him to become a professional martial arts athlete and a member of SJTU's Martial Arts Association.

During his undergraduate studies, Tan founded a multinational e-commerce company in Malaysia in 2020. Now, he continues his academic journey at SJTU's Antai College, with the ultimate goal of contributing to economic and trade exchanges between China and Malaysia.

What makes Shanghai special to Tan? Is it the city's competitive spirit that drives progress, or the diverse cultural fusion that offers unique experiences?

Follow Tan's vlog to explore the multifaceted perspectives that the international city of Shanghai has provided him.