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HUE embraces first-batch of Kazakhstani students

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Sept 19, 2023

A momentous occasion unfolded at Hubei University of Education (HUE) when 18 international students from Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University in Kazakhstan embarked on an academic journey at the university on September 7. This marks a historic first for HUE as it welcomes its inaugural batch of Kazakhstani students.

Kazakhstan students arrive at Hubei University of Education. [Photo provided to]

The university's meticulous preparations were evident, covering essential aspects such as curriculum development, accommodation arrangements, student welfare services, and rigorous immigration procedures.

Yang Xianlan, secretary of the CPC HUE Committee, emphasized the historical and cultural ties between China and Kazakhstan, especially as nations connected by the ancient Silk Road. She celebrated the impressive advancements in cultural, economic, and trade collaborations between the two countries, particularly in the decade following the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Yang encouraged the students to become ambassadors of Sino-Kazakhstani friendship, urging them to excel academically and actively participate in the university's academic and practical activities. As a symbol of goodwill, Yang presented the students with a football and a basketball, underscoring the importance of maintaining physical well-being alongside their academic pursuits.

Kazakhstani students visit the history museum of HUE. [Photo provided to]

To ensure a seamless transition for the international students, the university organized vibrant programs that included comprehensive introductions to the university's history and culture, immersive explorations of Chinese culture, psychological counseling sessions, group discussions, lectures on immigration regulations, and academic guidance.

Kazakhstani students visit the library of HUE. [Photo provided to]

The arrival of this pioneering group of Kazakhstani students at Hubei University of Education represents a significant step forward in the university's ongoing commitment to fostering international cooperation and educational exchange.