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Traditional Chinese Medicine amazes international students

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: May 23, 2023

On the morning of May 18, 2023, the "Exploring China Experiencing Chinese Medicine" International Chinese Medicine Culture Camp was successfully launched at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. The event, hosted by the China Scholarship Council and organized by Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, brought together 70 international students and teachers from 23 countries. The camp aimed to promote cultural exchange and friendship between countries by introducing Chinese traditional culture, particularly Chinese medicine, to the participants.

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Vice-President Guo Hong of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine welcomed the teachers and students from the five participating universities and expressed his hope that the participants would share their experiences and thoughts with their friends and family back home. The camp included lectures, visits, and hands-on experiences to deepen the participants' understanding of Chinese medicine and its role in disease prevention and treatment. Vice-President Guo Hong also encouraged the participants to continue being ambassadors for cultural exchange and mutual understanding after returning to their respective countries.

The camp began with a keynote speech titled "China's Experience and Model in Global Malaria Control," delivered by Dr. Wu Wanting from the Artemisinin Research Center at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. The lecture highlighted the efforts of the Chinese medical team in Africa and the achievements made in combating malaria. Following the lecture, the students had the opportunity to create their own artemisinin bookmarks under the guidance of Chinese medicine teachers.

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The next activity was the exploration of the "Fragrance of Chinese Medicine." The students visited the Guangdong Chinese Medicine Museum and Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the hospital, they experienced various traditional Chinese medicine therapies, such as fire dragon therapy, thunder fire therapy, cupping, and moxibustion. They also learned about the development of unique traditional medicine in South China and the medical service industry in Guangzhou, immersing themselves in the rich Chinese medicine culture.

On May 19, the participants visited Liwan district in the west of Guangzhou to experience the local scenery and traditional way of life. They visited Yongqing Fang, Lychee Bay Scenic Area, and the Cantonese Opera Art Museum, gaining insights into the traditional culture of South China.

The final stop of the camp was a visit to Guangzhou Zhixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This company is a pioneer and inheritor of the small packaging of Chinese herbal medicine decoction pieces in China. The international students toured the production workshop, online pharmacy, and specimen museum, learning about the standardized production process of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and experiencing the high-tech innovations in Chinese medicine enterprises.

The camp concluded with a closing ceremony on the afternoon of May 19, where student representatives expressed their gratitude. The event ended with a performance of Chinese martial arts.

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The "Exploring China Experiencing Chinese Medicine" International Chinese Medicine Culture Camp is a series of activities organized by the China Scholarship Council since 2015. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine has hosted the event twice before, in 2018 and 2019, and it has been recognized as a nationally excellent brand event.

The camp provided international students with valuable opportunities to learn about and experience Chinese medicine, thereby enhancing their understanding of Chinese medicine culture. By attracting more international friends to understand and appreciate Chinese medicine, it is believed that Chinese medicine can truly flourish and spread Chinese culture and spirit around the world.