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Shanghai University holds 'Low Carbon•Green City' Belt and Road Training Program

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Shanghai University opened the 2022 "Low Carbon•Green City" Belt and Road Training Program on Oct 31. The program is being held online and will last for three weeks.

This year, the program has attracted 19 participants from countries such as Egypt, Bahrain and Singapore, including local government officials, business executives and university faculty and staff. They all attended the online opening ceremony.

The program is intended to provide an in-depth cultural exchange platform for the participants, explore the opportunities brought by building a human community with a shared future under the Belt and Road Initiative, and promote win-win cooperation in the fields of economics, culture and education.

At the opening ceremony, Yang Yi, Consul General of China in Alexandria, Egypt, thanked Shanghai University for its long-term support for exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and Alexandria. He said Shanghai is China's economic, financial, trade, shipping, science and technology innovation center, and has accumulated advanced experience in building a smart, green and livable city, which he believes will bring certain inspiration and reference to the world.

Yang also said Shanghai and Alexandria are sister cities with very similar urban positioning, and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the two cities. He hopes that this program can enhance understanding and friendship between the two sides and make positive contributions to the development of the comprehensive cooperative partnership between China and Egypt.

Li Weiping, Secretary General of the International Education Association Shanghai, said that as the world's largest developing country, China has overcome various difficulties and implemented a series of measures to address climate change, which has achieved positive results, and the country is set to make greater efforts and contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Zou Rong, vice-chairman of Shanghai Service Federation, which is a co-organizer of the program, affirmed the significance of the program's environmental protection theme, and expressed his hope that people from all walks of life can work together to devote themselves to environmental protection and low-carbon living.

Li Yingjie, deputy director of Shanghai University's International Department welcomed the leaders and students who attended the opening ceremony. She said the "green city" concept reflects the contemporary requirements for sustainable development and points the way for the harmonious development of cities and the environment. Promoting the concept is the answer to various environmental problems, and is also the original intention of setting the theme of the program, she said.

Shaikha Rashed Alshaikh, one of the participants, thanked Shanghai University for organizing the program, saying that it was a great honor to participate in it. She said she will be studying the city's experience and actively communicating with experts in the next three weeks, and she is hoping to have the opportunity to visit Shanghai University.

The Belt and Road Training Program of Shanghai was launched by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to enhance exchanges between countries involved in the initiative. Shanghai University has been a participant since 2015.

The opening ceremony of the program is held online via video conference on Oct 31. [Photo/WeChat ID: StudyatSHU]