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Messenger of China-Pakistan friendship

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Aug 22, 2022
Ammar Muhammad on a TV show [Photo provided to]

Ammar Muhammad, a Pakistani who once studied at the Beijing Institute of Technology and now engages in the service of talent exchanges in China, shared his story of serendipity with China on a TV show.

Muhammad was born in Taxila, a famous ancient city with a 2,500-year history, which was the last stop of Chinese monk Xuanzang's westward journey, the prototype of the Journey to the West, one of the 'Four Great Classics' of China.

Muhammad's family have had a huge interest in China since reading the China Pictorial, a monthly magazine distributed by the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. His father decided to explore China by applying for the China-Pakistan Cultural Exchange Program.

Inspired by his father, Muhammad studied in China from high school and enrolled at the Beijing Institute of Technology, the alma mater of his family, in 2009.

While studying in China, Muhammad also engaged in the R&D and production of agricultural plant protection drones as an intern at a Chinese company.

He is now working for an international talent exchange agency that helps at least 10,000 Pakistani students each year be educated to the standard of Chinese vocational education. The agency also helps Chinese companies explore the Pakistani market and acquire local investment.

Muhammad holds a permanent residence permit in China. He has always been steadfast in promoting international cooperation between China and Pakistan.