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My NJUPT story

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By Zahra Nadri | | Updated: May 12, 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Zahra Nadri, a Moroccan student majoring in Master of Business Administration (MBA), at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT).

My NJUPT ride

My life at NJUPT started on 28 August 2019. On that day, many international students and Chinese students offered kind help to introduce the campus, including the dorms, the classrooms, the library, the places of grocery, etc.

I adapted myself to the study and life at NJUPT very soon. One month later, I already joined the basketball team and the dance club. I made a lot of friends from all over the world, and also got a chance to host a great event named International Cultural Day in November 2019, which showed diverse cultures from all over the world. I enjoyed different kinds of delicious food, fantastic art shows of dancing, singing, magic show, etc. That is so memorable and valuable experience to me even now.

In early 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, I chose to come back to my home country and started online learning since then. Although I spent only 6 months at NJUPT in China, I was already impressed greatly. My teachers always guided us, checked on our situation all the time, and kept supporting us even after I came back to Morocco.

It wasn’t easy at all, mentally nor physically due to the influence of the pandemic. I was stressed and worried for a while. But we participated in the Cultural Day virtually, the sports activities remotely, etc. Many online lectures had also presented from time to time in order to help us deal with the emotions and stress that we were facing regarding our studies and future.

In the past two years, while dealing with online study, I also tried different jobs which made me realize that I still need to study harder to gain more knowledge and improve my personal abilities.

In addition, NJUPT provided us with many extra Chinese lectures online, which helped me to get an opportunity to work in the Sales Department in a Chinese multinational company, PGTEX here in Morocco. Thanks to my NJUPT.

I attend the NJUPT Culture Day as the host in 2019. [Photo provided to]

My experience in PGTEXOn October 27, 2021, I got this interesting opportunity to work in a Chinese multinational company which is specialized in fiber glass fabric in my home country Morocco. PGTEX started at 2019 in Morocco. It is still growing worldwide.

PGTEX team in Morocco [Photo provided to]

I work in Sales Department, which serves as the link between our company and our customers all over the world. I get different tasks and need to learn how to identify the customer’s needs and make sure those needs are satisfied at last. I always remember the importance of my MBA courses at NJUPT which have helped me a lot to improve myself over time.

However, I still need to be more diligent and maybe start a new project in the near future, after all I’m planning to grow with my colleagues and company together for a better achievement and a brighter future.

Weekly meeting for daily tasks [Photo provided to]

Tips at work

As we were told in the university to check and recheck after we finished an exam or a test, my 6-month work experience helped me know more about the importance of rechecking during my work. That was the first important thing that I retained as a sales member.

To my NJUPT fellows

Improve your comprehensive abilities as well as your knowledge and experience. Be brave and get yourself ready enough. Try to discover new things and keep learning.