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2020, I am in China

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By Leret Bonnie | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Feb 18, 2022

[France] Leret Bonnie, Wuhan University

Leret Bonnie [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

"There is such a lot of world to see." It was quite unexpected that it was finally my turn to go to China to have a look. I came to China from the far[1]away France, and with this beautiful encounter, I started a fresh life. The new environment brought me a new way of life. From life and study to work and consumption, earth-shaking changes were brought over my original habits. Before I came to China, I told myself never to walk into any inexperienced life with a cold attitude, but to believe that life is worth living. Now it seems that the experiences and feelings in China have really integrated themselves into my heart and filled me with more fun and memories. In 2020, I am in China enjoying life.

Maple forest in autumn of Wuhan University [Photo provided by Leret Bonnie]

In China, the science and technology in daily life has made me witness the prosperity and strength of a country. It was another Singles' Day, and I joined in the shopping spree again. I searched among the Taobao goods with great expectation. After I made the payment on phone, I would just wait for the express delivery to arrive. It was a matter of less than three to five days, even though it was across China. It was many a time that I felt bored at home and wanted to travel.

I took out my cell phone, logged on Ctrip, and was ready to go. I would get on the fastest high-speed rail with the most favorable price. When I arrived at my destination, I wouldn’t be afraid of there being no taxi around, but I would be really afraid that there was no Didi service there. In just a few minutes, Didi Express Taxi would pick me up and take me to the hotel I booked online. Even if I was too tired to move in the hotel, Meituan APP would be my best ordering choice. Not only would I be able to find many restaurants and businesses on the platform, but also enjoy package discounts, and cheap delivery fee. Technology has changed my life, and I am fortunate to be able to experience this different life, immerse into it, and enjoy it.

In China, the construction and development of new media provides me with more possibilities to communicate and witness. WeChat has become a tool for me to communicate with my family in France. WeChat moments constantly refresh the life stories of my Chinese friends and I; Weibo is a platform for me to learn dynamically about hot Chinese topics in my spare time. In Weibo, I can not only express my opinions, but also learn more about Chinese values and outlook on life. Meanwhile, I also feel the development of live streaming e-commerce in this special period.

Our teacher said that 2020 was the first year of live streaming e-commerce. We have to admit that digital economy played a central role during the epidemic. Such changes in the external environment as lockdown, social distancing and other measures have promoted the increase in the frequency of consumers' online shopping, and the marketing method of e-commerce transaction has become more and more popular.

And I have also deeply felt the convenience that live streaming e-commerce has brought to my consumption. In addition, China's short video platforms also give me more opportunities to watch. Existence is perfection, and seeing is experience.

At times, I would open the short video platforms such as Tiktok and SnackVideo to enjoy the various lives of Chinese people, where I see how amazing is the ancient Chinese craftsmanship, how hard young people work, how elder people grow old together, and how ordinary people fly against the wind. The progress of technology has provided more people with the possibility to see, can help the silent majority break silence, and those who are originally ordinary be extraordinary. Seeing makes me feel life is worth living.

Guilin scenery [Photo provided by Leret Bonnie]

In China, the outbreak of the epidemic has not only changed my living habits, but also made me feel the unity and care of the Chinese people. I stayed in China during the COVID-19 pandemic. The spread of the virus was full of threats, but the unity of the Chinese people made me feel this strength of resistance. At the beginning of the epidemic, I happened to be in Guangxi province, where I have some family and friends.

Because I studied in Wuhan, many people were concerned about me, not only my family, but also my teachers, friends, classmates, and even the dentists, who made me deeply feel the love and care from the Chinese people. In addition, the introduction of health code has changed some of my living habits. Travelling in other provinces, at scenic spots or in supermarkets, you only need to show the health code. This more accurate, scientific and orderly personnel travel management method saves a lot of extra work. During the epidemic, I deeply felt all the efforts made by the Chinese people to promote national progress and international assistance, and I also thank China for its painstaking efforts for the world.

Wuhan University [Photo provided by Chen Jiayang]

My beautiful encounter with China will be engraved in my heart forever. In 2020, I revel in the richness of the countryside, the prosperity of the city, and the care and warmth of the ordinary people. Although there have been some changes in my way of life, it is right because of those changes that I learned that a broader mind could hold more fun. Thanks to China, which gives ordinary me the opportunity to experience an extraordinary life; I am grateful to China, which sheds sunshine upon my body and eternalizes my memories.

The story is from "My Beautiful Encounter with China" Essay Competition organized by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE).