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Seven-year admiration

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By Muhsin Billah Bin Khashru | | Updated: Feb 10, 2022

[Bangladesh] Muhsin Billah Bin Khashru, Shandong University

Muhsin Billah Bin Khashru [Photo provided to]

I have been in China for seven years. Chinese people always like to use “the seven-year itch” to describe such a long relationship, but for me “the seven-year admiration” would be a better phrase for my days in China. During this period, I have never gotten tired of this country but become increasingly obsessed with its beauty and vastness.

As spring has gone and autumn come for seven times, I have witnessed how this ancient country started shining the light of a new era while maintaining the dignity of its five millennia-long culture. Her beauty shaped in thousands of years and her strong capabilities to advance its high-tech industry in the information era have made me unable to put into words the vitality I have seen.

I remember there is a slogan describing Yangzhou, a famous city along the Yangtze River, as a place where ancient culture and modern civilization illuminate one another. This best represents the country’s achievement. The collision between ancient culture and modern civilization presents us with glamour.

Muhsin's first visit to Shandong University [Photo provided to]

When analyzing all of this, I take serenity first as example. Every morning, the first rays of dawn awake the ancient city. When the sunlight sprinkles over the Grand Canal, the ancient city completely wakes up from the tranquility and readies for another bustling day. In the old alley, you see pedestrians walking leisurely and sometimes cars bumping along the gravel road.

After carefully examining the morning market’s produce, the elderly take fresh vegetables back home and greet neighbors who are sitting by their doors and trimming vegetables for cooking. The dogs know that he is one of old friends, so they just wag tails gently. But sometimes they also chase strangers for fun but not in an annoying way. I love this country for her serenity.

The school gate of Shandong University [Photo provided by Shandong University]

Next that comes to mind is enthusiasm, which is ebullient on this land. The crazy rollercoaster takes brave young men whizzing past. On the square, middle-aged and aged people infect me with their impassioned dance and music. In the shopping mall, various restaurants and recreational facilities are open to citizens, presenting a scene of jollification. I love this country for the convenient life, the rapid growth rate and the optimism about the future she so ardently creates.

Let us move on to elegance and dignity. This thousand-year-old city wall still stands erect. Although the wall is no longer used for defense, its majesty shows no signs of waning. The ancient palace retains its magnificence, silently recounting those old glories. In a hundred-year-old temple, burning incense is continuously curling upwards, bearing locals’ aspiration for peace and prosperity. I love this country for her majesty and ancient beauty.

Muhsin's first day in China (third from the right is Muhsin) [Photo provided to]

Finally, I shift my focus to advancement. As a leader in information technology, China is proof of how technology reshapes lives. High-speed trains, running at speeds of over 300 km/h, lead the country to embark on the track of rapid development. Sharing economy is her new exploration in pursuit of low carbon and green development. E-commerce is not only changing people’s lifestyle, but also reshaping the country’s economic structure. I love this country for her advancement.

This country, with her beauty shown in thousands of postures and extremely fascinating charm, awaits on your exploration. Welcome here to find a different China in your eyes.

The story is from "My Beautiful Encounter with China" Essay Competition organized by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE).