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My three innermost thoughts

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By Daramola Adedolapo Ademola | | Updated: Feb 09, 2022

[Nigeria] Daramola Adedolapo Ademola, Beijing Institute of Technology

Daramola Adedolapo Ademola [Photo provided to]

The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]

Dear China, your image is just like the cloudless blue sky in my heart. I will always remember the days when I stay in China, which is the best period of my life. Though there is a long way ahead, I hope I can join your hands forever.

If there is a bond between them, the two will meet across a thousand li

Everyone has a desire in the bottom of their hearts, which might be derived from the actual needs. Some stem from a dream, some are from fantasy, while others are from fate. This last kind is unstoppable because it acts in secret. We know nothing about it until that special moment comes. We find that if we do not pursue it, we lose ourselves.

The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]

On the afternoon of August 23, 2016, I sat alone in my room in Nigeria, listening to a recording downloaded from the internet. I could only speak a few Chinese words at that time. Meanwhile, I have downloaded a lot of foreign language recordings from the internet. I stammered to repeat the sentences in Chinese. But at that moment, I have tied up with the Chinese language.

From that day on, learning Chinese has become my unstoppable desire. Believe it or not, the Chinese language, which is regarded as the most difficult language in the world, has given me an irresistible charm. Learning Chinese finally leads me to this grand and beautiful land.

Time flies. One year passed without notice, during which I began to attend classes at the Confucius Institute and won the championship in my district after attending the “Chinese Bridge” language contest. Later I went to China to participate in the final competition as a Nigerian representative. I stayed in China for one month before my return.The bond between China and I becomes tight, as strong as a burning flame.

Based on reality, looking to the future

When my command of Chinese reached a relatively high level, I decided to study for an undergraduate degree in China. When I told my parents the decision, they said, “It’s your life, but don’t make rash decisions about your future.” At first they were reluctant to let me study abroad because I was our family’s “baby” and they didn’t want me to be that far from home. Meanwhile, I convinced my parents for good reasons and they eventually agreed and supported my study in China.

The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]

In September 2018, I was admitted by the Beijing Institute of Technology to study international economics and trade. As an international student, I faced a tough challenge when attending class because all the lessons were taught in Chinese. As a result, my Chinese classmates have a language advantage that cannot be ignored. But this is not an excuse, I and other international students worked hard to try to keep up with the teacher and to achieve a good result.

Besides of study, I also participate in various high-quality activities or competitions. For example, I worked as a host and participated in the Beijing- Tianjin-Hebei University Debate Competition for International students, Mandarin Star—Chinese Competition for International students, college sports games and so on. I was thrilled to know that my speech was published by Silk Road Encyclopedia magazine after attending the Silk Road Youth Forum. At this moment, I am very grateful to my alma mater for training me.

“Seek truth by virtue, pursue precision by learning”—the motto of the Beijing Institute of Technology will inspire me to eliminate all difficulties and keep moving forward.

The pendulum has swung back

After my arrival in China, I found huge changes have happened, which differed greatly from what I had watched in movies when I was young. I am glad to be one of the witnesses to see the rapid development of China, which has surprised the whole world.

The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]

I like the life in China, yearning to pay visits to scenic spots and historic sites. Somebody may wonder how I made it. I’ll tell him or her one sentence: It is not a big deal. Why do I say that? First, you can use Baidu map, which will intelligently navigate me to the place I want to visit. Second, traffic is particularly developed in China. I can make a ride-hailing appointment online; I can take the subway or bus travel. Third, China is so safe that I feel at ease both day and night. It is also worth mentioning that China’s online shopping is convenient. One can pick up the packages easily. It only takes 10 minutes to get the takeout through Meituan. Last but not least, China’s mobile payment is so great, just swipe your cell phone, everything will be done.What a miracle it is.

Today’s China has become the second-largest economy in the world, which also sets a good example for other countries to follow. In recent years, many countries are learning the experience of China. The best example is the development of multifunctional software, such as WeChat and Alipay. China’s development is like the rough waves of a sea, whose development is unstoppable.

China, what a great nation you are. As a international student, I am proud of you.

The campus of Beijing Institute of Technology [Photo provided to]

The story is from "My Beautiful Encounter with China" Essay Competition organized by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE).