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International students in Chinese university join the New Year celebrations

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Jan 26, 2022
Foreign students in Zhejiang Ocean University join the New Year celebration activities on Jan 17.

Zhejiang Ocean University organized activities on Jan 17 for foreign experts and international students to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year.

Expats learn to make jiaozi (dumplings).

Sixteen expats eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Chinese New Year by immersing in traditional Chinese culture such as making jiaozi (dumplings), writing Spring Festival couplets, and cutting paper.

Rakib Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, from Bangladeshi, writes a Chinese character chun, which means Spring in English.

"I feel great in China. Although I am a foreigner, no one treats me as an outsider. Especially during the Spring Festival, the school always prepares a lot of activities and rich New Year's Eve dinners for us, which makes me feel much moved!" said Rakib Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, a Bangladeshi student.

Akhtyamova Diana, from Kazakhstan, leads one of the activities.

"The strongest feeling of the Chinese New Year for me is that it is red, busy, festive, happy and warm. In the future, I will take my family to experience the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in China!" said Akhtyamova Diana, a student from Kazakhstan.

The Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. It is an opportunity for international students to learn about and understand China and for them to tell the story of China to the world.