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BFSU volunteers set out for Winter Olympics

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Jan 24, 2022
BFSUers who will work as volunteers at the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games gather for a group photo. [Photo provided to]

More than 800 volunteers from Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) went to the Winter Olympic Village on Jan 22 and 23, marking the start of their volunteer service for the upcoming Games.

BFSU volunteers start their journey. [Photo provided to]

By sending the largest number of professional volunteers among all universities in China, BFSU will assist the Beijing 2022 Organising Committee and offer the widest scope of services for participants from around the world.

Volunteers from the university will work at 20 venues, including all competition zones in urban Beijing, Zhangjiakou and two Medals Plazas, as well as the Beijing Olympic Village, the headquarters of the Beijing organising committee, the Main Media Center, the Yanqing Olympic Village, the Zhangjiakou Olympic Village, the Zhangjiakou Mountain Broadcasting Center and contracted hotels.

BFSU volunteers take photos with the Olympic rings. [Photo provided to]

At this international event, BFSUers will shoulder the responsibilities of serving the country and promoting Chinese culture. They are ready to serve with their foreign language abilities, broad international vision and enthusiasm for the Games.

“I was only able to sit in front of the TV to watch the 2008 Olympic Games when I was young. Now I can finally make a small contribution to Beijing 2022 as a volunteer, and I’m so happy about that,” said Li Jingchun, a teacher from BFSU who will serve as a media operator at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing.

Cao Jiarong, a student volunteer from the 2020 Spanish class, said this departure marks the start of journey that she has spent a long time preparing for. She is looking forward to fulfilling her duties and will try her best to contribute to the Winter Olympics.

Zhou Jingyi, a NOC assistant from the 2020 translation class who will work at the Yanqing Olympic Village, said she was moved by the help and blessings given by all sides and she felt proud and ready to be a volunteer.

An eyeglass shop offers free anti-fog glasses cloths for BFSU volunteers. [Photo provided to]

Ma Xinyao, a volunteer at the multilingual call center from the 2020 Spanish class, said she feels honored and excited to hold the position.

According to Ma, translating over the phone is not just about mechanical paraphrasing. Language proficiency is just the threshold. Following a problem-oriented approach, being flexible and emotionally stable and expressing appropriately are the main objectives.

Facing multiple challenges in our volunteer work, we have a lot to learn, she added.

Volunteers at the multilingual call center take a test. [Photo provided to]