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Qingdao to host international violin competition in October

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Updated: Jan 06, 2022

Qingdao will host the China International Violin Competition from Oct 8 to 20 in 2022.

Musicians wish the international violin competition in Qingdao a big success.

Chinese and foreign violinists aged 16 to 36 are invited to join. Preliminaries will be held online while other rounds will be on site.

The competition has the support of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), the government and municipal Party committee of Qingdao, and the intra-jurisdictional Shinan district.

The competition expects to tap excellent musicians, and promote exchanges between China and the world in cultural and art.

A consultant committee will be set up to ensure the completion to be held fairly with sound tournament rules and excellent jury members.

According to Yu Feng, chairman of the organizing committee, and president of the CCOM, the competition marks one of the three major Chinese international music competitions hosted in Qingdao. The competition was started since 2005, and has helped many young violinists start their professional career.

Yu said he believes that the competition can bring into full play the role of music, which is the world language and also human beings' valuable wealth that transcends boundaries, race and time.

Yu said he also hopes to empower musicians with opportunities, especially in the epidemic period when the development of world music and art performance is difficult, that can support them in career.

The CCOM is the top music academy in China. Violin is one of the advantages of the university. Professor Lin Yaoji, a world-famous Chinese music educator at CCOM, has cultivated music talents. An award named after Lin will also be set for the competition so as to highlight China's music culture.