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Intl students experience Chinese painting culture

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Dec 29, 2021
An international student learns about Chinese painting at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: StudyatSHU]

A group of Shanghai University international students from nine countries recently visited the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai to learn about Chinese painting.

At the museum, the students appreciated traditional and modern Chinese paintings and gained an understanding of the distinctive culture and technique behind them.

The students also attended an English lecture on Chinese painting by Zhang Ciyun, who gave a detailed introduction to the art form.

Zhang also introduced some significant Chinese paintings throughout history, teaching the students how to properly analyze them.

After listening to the lecture, the students put their newly acquired knowledge to the test by painting a traditional Chinese fan.

Matovu Brian Desire from Uganda said he found inspiration in one particular traditional Chinese painting at the museum. "Also, the lecture was an eye-opener and I actually have developed an appreciation of the dedication and hard work it takes to create art. I am very thankful to the activity coordinators and I would love to attend more in the future."

Peruvian student Maria Fe Celi Reyna said the lecture was really useful and was one of the best she has experienced in China. She has been to many museums and seen many traditional paintings, but never knew how to interpret them. Through the activity, she learned about the different styles and elements.

"The activity was very educational, and I enjoyed seeing the traditional paintings," said Kesia Mouxella Marengo from Surinam.

Ugandan student Matovu Brian Desire admires a traditional Chinese painting. [Photo/WeChat account: StudyatSHU]
An international student learns to paint a Chinese fan. [Photo/WeChat account: StudyatSHU]