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Foreign students celebrate intl cultural festival in Shanghai

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Nov 01, 2021
Students from more than 40 countries celebrate the International Cultural Festival with a festive mood in East China Normal University in Shanghai. [Photo/]

The 15th International Cultural Festival of East China Normal University (ECNU) was recently held in Shanghai to celebrate and showcase diversity.

The festival, which has long been a popular annual campus event of ECNU, attracted students from more than 40 countries this year.

The cultural feast featured a mini world expo, various performances, as well as a number of cultural experience activities, offering a stage to showcase students' talent and their national cultures.

At the expo, international students set up booths to display folk costumes, crafts and food from their home countries and shared with visitors their cultures.

A Tajik undergraduate Ilysosv Zuhaliddin said that the festival has now become one of the most anticipated activities among international students on campus.

The festival, he said, has not only promoted cultural exchanges but also deepened students' understanding of ECNU's "love beyond boundaries" and enriched their life.

Gu Hongliang, vice president of ECNU, said that ECNU has in the past five decades been like a second home to over 70,000 overseas students. In the future, ECNU expects its international alumni to become messengers for promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world.

ECNU, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, is ranked among China's top 10 higher education institutions with the most overseas students.

An international student introduces a special craft from her country at a multicultural exhibition during the International Cultural Festival. [Photo/]
The International Cultural Festival is regarded as one of the most anticipated activities on campus among international students of ECNU. [Photo/]