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Forum inspires African students in Shanghai to promote friendship

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Three international students at Shanghai International Studies University who recently participated in the 1st Forum on International Students from Africa shared their views on promoting China-Africa friendship.

The forum in Beijing, hosted by the China-Africa Institute, had the slogan "We, the inheritors of Africa-China friendship". Attending were diplomats, scholars in foreign relations, media representatives and African international students studying at universities in China.

During the forum, African students were urged to further advance their role as a bridge between the two sides. International students from African countries also expressed their views on the "Initiative for International Students from Africa" (draft for comments) from different perspectives.

Mohamed Salaheldin Mohamed Ahmed (R). [Photo/WeChat account: Study_in_SISU]

Mohamed Salaheldin Mohamed Ahmed from Sudan:

Ahmed said the forum provided a valuable learning opportunity for hearing how African diplomats in China view China-Africa relationships and what African international students can do to improve Africa-China friendship.

The hosting of such a forum to learn about how to enhance China-Africa relationships from the perspectives of African international students showed that China values us, he said.

As African students studying in China, in addition to studying, we should also take the opportunity to contribute to the China-Africa friendship.

In Ahmed's opinion, an inheritor of Africa-China friendship must have a deep understanding of China and Africa, such as the development miracle of China and the cultures of African countries.

African students in China can study the secrets of China's development, especially in eradicating poverty, which has long been a problem in Africa. They can also help Chinese people learn more about African countries.

Ahmed said he is looking forward to serving as a bridge between the two sides because he is not only an envoy of Africa and Sudan but also of China.

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