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Nanjing students feel the charm of traditional culture

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Students wear traditional Chinese clothing and carry traditional fans. [Photo/]

No 1 Affiliated Primary School of Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Junior Campus in Nanjing, Jiangsu province is holding its fifth "China Festival" in October to promote intangible culture heritage items.

The festival is expected to increase students' awareness of traditional Chinese culture and offer more intangible cultural heritage experiential opportunities to students.

During October, the school will hold a variety of competitions covering traditional Chinese culture like paper-cutting, Qinhuai lanterns making, velvet flowers making, and lianpu, or facial makeup drawing. The competitions are aimed to raise students' interest in intangible cultural heritage skills and cultivate young inheritors.

Students' excellent artworks will also be exhibited on campus to further promote intangible cultural heritage items.

The school will also showcase students' good work in various ways, such as poetry recitals, singing and dancing performances, runway shows, lianpu shows, and paper-cutting sharing to build students' interest in the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage items.

Since its establishment in September 2017, the school has been holding the "China Festival" with various themes every year.

"We aim to cultivate modern children that are devoted to having Chinese and international perspectives," said Zhu Ruisong, principal of the school.