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Confucius Institute Scholarship (Guizhou University Program)

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China Scholarship Council | Updated: Sept 24, 2021

Confucius Institute Scholarship (Guizhou University Program) provides full scholarships or partial scholarships sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (or “Hanban”) to support outstanding foreign students, scholars and Chinese language teachers to pursue studies in "Chinese Language and Literature" at Guizhou University. Since 2010, more than 130 students have enrolled in Guizhou University under Confucius Institute Scholarships.

Categories of Scholarship and Eligibility

The 2017 Confucius Institute Scholarships of Guizhou University includes Scholarships for One-Academic-Year Study Students and Scholarships for One-Semester Study Students. According to the notice of Hanban, Whether applicants will be granted full scholarships or partial scholarships is subjected to the time order and nationality distribution of their applications as well as the applicants' previous records of Chinese study.

To apply for the scholarship, applicants shall:

  • be non-Chinese citizens in good health and with no bad record;
  • be aged between 16 and 35 (below 45 for Chinese language teachers in post);
  • meet the below requirements and complete the online application.

Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study Students

This category provides a 11-month sponsorship starting from September 2017.

Applicants who are currently studying in China are not qualified for this category. Application is open to Confucius Institute (Classroom) students, overseas Chinese language teachers and Chinese language major students, particularly to students or scholars who are aspired to engage in Chinese translation, Chinese teaching and Chinese studies in the future. Applicants should have a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 4), and a minimum score of 60 in HSKK Test (Intermediate Level).

Scholarship for One-Semester Study Students

This category provides a 5-month sponsorship starting from September 2017 or March 2018. Applicants for this category should have no prior experience of studying in China. Applicants who are students or scholars relevant to the fields of Chinese studies, teaching or communication are preferred. Applicants should have a minimum score of 210 in HSK Test (Level 3), and have an HSKK Test report (no specific requirement on the score).

Scholarship Coverage

  • a waiver of fee for registration and tuition
  • free on-campus dormitory accommodation
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection Scheme
  • CNY 2,500 monthly living allowance (not included for partial scholarships)

Application and Enrollment

1.Applicants shall visit Confucius Institute Scholarship website at, set up an individual account, fill in the Scholarship Application Form and upload the required documents truly, accurately and completely, and submit the Application Form before May 15, 2017. Such materials should be prepared in advance:

  • Digital photo;
  • Valid passport front-page photocopy;
  • HSK and HSKK score reports. Applicants with Scholarship Certificates from “Chinese Bridge” Competitions may submit the certificates instead;
  • A Recommendation Letter signed by the head of the recommending institute (objective comments on the applicant, including whether the applicant is a student of Confucius Institute or of other identity);
  • Notarized certificate of highest education (Prospective diploma winners should submit Student Status Certificate by their current school)
  • Scanning copy of personal signature;
  • Application statement (applicant's statement of study background, plan and purpose of studying in China);

2. After submitting the applications and uploading of materials online, applicants should request their recommending institutes to approve their applications in the Scholarship System. Then the applications will be forwarded to Guizhou University and Hanban for further evaluations. For timely admittance, all valid applications should be approved by the recommending institutes in the Scholarship System before May 25, 2017.

3. The review and evaluation of the applications will take a few weeks. During the process, applicants should pay attention to the application status and remarks in the Scholarship System. The list of scholarship winners will be confirmed in late June, followed by the delivery of enrollment documents to the recommending institutes or directly to the scholarship winners in July.