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Open: 2021 Online Wushu Coach Training Program

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SUS | Updated: Sept 08, 2021

2021 SUS Online Wushu Training Program for High-level Wushu Coaches in Belt and Road Regions



SUS Online Wushu Training Program for High-level Wushu Coaches in Belt and Road Regions will be held from October 28—November 10, 2021. The program is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by the School of International Education at the Shanghai University of Sport (SUS).

The Program provides training for Wushu coaches in Belt and Road Regions, so that more qualified and high-level overseas Wushu teachers can play a better role in spreading Chinese Wushu and Chinese culture.


14 days, October 28 - November 10, 2021 (may be adjusted as needed)

Application Time

August 31—November 1, 2021 (Beijing time, UTC/GMT+08:00)


Program Structure

The opening ceremony will be held online, on October 28, and the closing ceremony and summary conference will be held on November 10.

The online training will be held on Zoom, with contents participating both live and in recorded broadcast modes. The assistant manager will be assigned to the courses, so that the trainees can communicate both during and after class. The courses will be taught in Chinese and English, with English subtitles.

The program mainly consists of the following five parts (may be adjusted as needed):

Criteria for Trainees

1. 16-55 years old, from Belt and Road Regions, healthy, non-Chinese;

2. Be able to communicate in Chinese or English;

3. Has participated in and done well in influential events, such as regional / national / World Wushu Championships;

4. Should be engaged in Wushu-related training, teaching or scientific research;

5. Be popular or influential in the field of Wushu, and have an interest in promoting the spread of Chinese Wushu culture.

Tuition fees

This is an online training course with free tuition.


Application Process:

Step 1: Fill in the early-bird application form online:

Step 2: Log in to the website:,register your account using your email address.

1.After successfully registering the account, enter the application page, click online application→Shanghai Government Scholarship→General Visiting Student→Professional Training for High-level Wushu Coaches in One Belt One Road Regions, and fill in the application form online.

2.When applying online, you must upload:

● Copy of the first page of your passport.

● Provide your contact information, especially your personal email and WeChat account. (If you have one)

★ If you need assistance, please send any enquiries to

Admission Notice

1.Within one week of submitting an application, the applicant will receive their admission results via email. If you fail to receive the notice within one week, you can send an inquiry email to

2.In the email of admission, trainees will be invited to attend the online class. The trainee shall prepare a local mobile phone number in advance for account registration.


Course Assessment

1.Assessment includes three parts: the submitting of videos and photos of you practicing Wushu + a journal + your class attendance.

2.An attendance rate of over 90% and the punctual submission of homework is required.

3.Trainees who successfully complete this program will be awarded with an electronic completion certificate.


Obligations of Both Parties

1.The applicant must ensure that the application information and materials submitted are true and ensure that he/she is healthy and can participate in the Program. Anyone who practices fraud shall bear the consequences himself/herself.

2.During the Program, SUS will only be responsible for the teaching, and will not be responsible for any offline activities conducted by trainees.

3.Trainees involved in the Program are understood to agree with this clause, and agree to abide by relevant Chinese laws and relevant management regulations for international students of SUS throughout the entirety of their participation.


Relevant Websites:

School of International Education, SUS:
School of Wushu, SUS:
WeChat account: SUS-ISO
Contact: Ms Zhang, School of International Education, SUS
Address: No.399, Changhai Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, PRC
Tel: 0086-21-65507703