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Funding boost for international students

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Officials from the ministries of finance and education have elaborated on a recent circular that increased financial assistance to international students.

The ministries announced in a January circular that funding for Chinese Government Scholarships would be increased and general “levels of assistance" would be raised.

According to a Feb 4 press release on the Ministry of Finance website, the decision was taken in light of the changing situation and to conform to international practices.

Authorities are also ready to better meet the general requirements of students and “increase the appeal for the target beneficiaries".

About 37,000 international students benefited from scholarships in 2014. However, this accounts for less than 10 percent of all foreign students in China.

Both the minimum and maximum funding provided for international students pursuing a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree has been raised.

For those seeking a bachelor's degree, the minimum funding has gone up to 59,200 yuan ($9,600), for those studying for a master's it was raised to 70,200 and for doctoral students it has gone up to 87,800 yuan.

The maximum funding for a bachelor's degree has gone up to 66,200 yuan, 79,200 yuan for a master's and 99,800 yuan for a doctoral degree.

An adjustable grading system for updating funding criteria has been introduced “in accordance with the domestic economic and social developments as well as the fluctuation of prices”.

The overhaul of the assistance program also includes clarifying and specifying particular areas for funding.

Special scholarship programs have been introduced to boost China's cooperation with developing countries in human resources.

Bonuses have been introduced to reward the top international students regardless of whether they are funded by the government or not.

The criteria to meet funding requirements has been backdated to Sept 1, 2014.


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