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Hideo Natsume: Finding a second home in China

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tsinghua.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 15, 2021

From Hideo Natsume, a Japanese student of Tsinghua.

"Tsinghua, where I spent over 6 years, has gradually become my second home, and it is where I’ve made some of the best memories in my life so far."

Hideo Natsume published a book after graduating from the School of Public Administration in 2019. His book captures his experiences in Tsinghua, and tells stories of the country that he fell in love with, China, to Japanese readers.

"Tsinghua is where my dreams began" Natsumehe said, "I hope that Japanese readers can have new insights into China through my book, and that Chinese and Japanese youths will join hands to promote China-Japan friendship in the future."