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Alex Rudnicki: Bridging worlds in e-commerce

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tsinghua.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 15, 2021

From Alex Rudnicki, a US student of Tsinghua MBA program.

“My first mission in life is to understand how the world works, and I don't believe anyone can understand the 21st century without understanding China.” Alex Rudnicki shares how he joined the Tsinghua MBA program and landed a job as Associate Director at JD, China's leading e-commerce company.

Coming from San Francisco, Alex served as a Vice President of MBA Class Council and a startup advisor at Tsinghua X-lab. “Tsinghua is first and foremost an engineering powerhouse, so it was always inspiring to meet some of China's smartest builders and help them work on their investor pitch or business model,” he mentioned. His most precious memories at Tsinghua were organizing engineering lab tours to play with cutting-edge technology and a class road trip to Inner Mongolia to camp in yurts on the grasslands.

During his MBA studies, Alex received a summer internship offer from JD.com. After graduation, he joined the company as an International Management Trainee, and currently works as an Associate Director in Corporate Development to build JD's ecosystem through strategic partnerships.