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Institute of Urban Meteorology, CMA, Beijing

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Institute of Urban Meteorology, CMA, Beijing (hereinafter referred to as IUM) was founded in 1974. In 1997, based on the Beijing Institute of Meteorological Sciences, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Beijing Municipal People's Government jointly jointly established the Urban Meteorological Engineering and Technology Research Center, Beijing. In 2002, with the reform of national public welfare research institutes, it, one of the eight national professional institutes of the China Meteorological Administration.In 2006, it was awarded a post-doctoral workstation, in 2011, Urban Meteorology Research-Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, and in 2013, Urban Meteorology Research-National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base. In October 2018, it, approved by CMA and was officially renamed as "Institute of Urban Meteorology, Beijing".

As a scientific research institution specializing in urban meteorological research, IUM is committed to strengthening the construction of urban meteorological disciplines based on the strategic needs of national urbanization and ecological civilization construction, conducting basic applied research and research and development of applied technologies in urban boundary layer and atmospheric environment, fine urban meteorological forecasting, urban climate and ecological development, and providing scientific and technological support to enhance the ability of urban meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, the ability of ecological civilization meteorological security and the ability to cope with climate change.

In 2016, IUM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) framework agreement on strategic cooperation with the School of Atmospheric and Geographical Sciences of the University of Oklahoma, U.S.A. for joint research and development of high-resolution observation data quality control technology and assimilation application technology. In 2017, IUM established the Joint Urban Meteorological Project (JUMP) jointly with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), focusing on basic and applied research in the field of urban meteorology. As a result, a mechanism for the exchange of disciplines between the two sides was established, so as to drive the training of talents in the field of urban meteorology.

In order to further strengthen the training of high-level talents, give full play to the leading and radiating role in the meteorological science and technology innovation system, effectively enhance the core competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation, the recruitment of high-level talents is now launched, to meet the needs of support for the capital's safe operation, flood season and major national events, and the Winter Olympics as well as scientific research development.

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