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Beijing 101 Middle/High School International Department

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Founded in 1946, Beijing101 High School is a model high school in Beijing, a “national model school for implementing new curriculum and new teaching materials for ordinary high schools”, a national civilized campus, the first batch of Top 10 schools in science and technology education innovation in China, a national Olympic education model school and an art education model school in Beijing.

Beijing101 High School Education Group has 11 public campuses and 1 private campus, covering all stages from kindergarten to senior high school, with more than 1,000 teachers. The school advocates the educational concept of “ecology and wisdom”, implements self-education, and is committed to cultivating “outstanding talents in the future” and building a world-class famous school of basic education with Chinese characteristics. The school attaches great importance to students’ career guidance and the cultivation of students’ social practice ability, with nearly 100 student associations.

Beijing101 High School is an important smart city education scenario created by Haidian District, and is striving to build intelligent and wise classroom. Over the past decades, Beijing101 High School has constantly strengthened international cooperation and exchanges, and has successively established friendly cooperative school relations and exchanged visits with schools in more than a dozen countries, including the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan and Switzerland.

It has also carried out cooperation and through-train projects with many educational organizations and famous universities in the world. With the excellent and mature curriculum culture system and rich experience of independent course arrangement, Beijing101 High School integrates excellent teaching concepts of AP courses, IB courses and the courses with international characteristics, reshapes curriculum construction, introduces advanced elements in international education, interflows Chinese and Western teaching concepts, forms a Chinese curriculum system with distinctive features and highlights, and strives to cultivate talents with international vision, international communication skills, national social responsibility and rational thinking, as well as independent thinking ability.

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