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Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University

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Established since 1914, Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University, after more than one hundred years of exploration and development, has become a modern, new-style, upper first-class psychiatric hospital, undertaking tasks and functions including medical care, education, training, scientific research, disease prevention, social service, international exchanges, and et al. With 15 units and about 800 beds, Anding hospital currently provides about 550,000 outpatient visit, 13,000 emergence treatment, and 10,000 hospitalization service per year. In 2011, our hospital was recognized and appointed as the National Key Hospital with Clinical Psychiatric Speciality and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine with Mental Disorder Speciality; in 2012, as Beijing Key Lab of Mental Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine “12th-5 Year Plan” Key Hospital about Traditional Chinese Medicine Treating Mental Disorder Speciality, and Beijing Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Psychic Health Research Institute; in 2014, as first group National Psychiatric and Psychological Disorder Clinical Medical Research Center; and it is also as National Medicine Clinical Trail Organization, Beijing Area National Standardized Training Base for Psychiatric Resident, and Psychoanalytic and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base.

1.To Build and Maintain a “Century Old Brand of Anding Hospital” Specified in Diagnosing and Treating Difficult Disease, with Unchangeable Determination and Creative Spirit Based Strategy

Beijing Anding Hospital has General Psychiatry Department, Treatment Center for Depression, Geriatric Psychiatry Department, Child Psychiatry Department, Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Department, Clinical Psychology Department, Forensic Assessment Department, and et al, with special responsibilities for providing diagnostic work and treatment for acute, severe, difficult mental disorder, mental health service for national and provincial level official, occupation-related stress management, psychological crisis intervention for sudden and catastrophic event, and social public mental health service. During the “12th-5 Year Plan” period, centered on the activity of “Three Excellence and One Satisfaction”, development of national clinical key specialty, enactment and implement of Chinese Mental Health Law, large public hospital Inspection, and work requirements of performance appraisal management of Medical Administration Bureau, Beijing Anding Hospital had kept working on facilitating full-scale quality control that targeted at improving medical service quality and whose connotation is scientific management and systematic development. While considering the demands of public service and patient’s subjective experience, our hospital relentlessly evolves diagnosis and treatment techniques, guards mental health and well-being of the mass, and leads the development of mental health service domain. Depending on independently developed whole course quantitative treatment for depressive disorder, muti-medication plasma concentration test method, mental rehabilitation techniques, and neuromodulation therapy modality, we provide patients medical service with better accuracy, safety, and quality. In addition to the above, the hospital has earned the honorary title of “The Elderly Friendly Hospital”, and four departments of it have of “Medical Humanities Construction Model Department of Municipal Hospital”.

2.To Build and Maintain a “Century Old Brand of Anding Hospital” Specified in Diagnosing and Treating Difficult Disease with Unchangeable Determination and Creative Spirit Based Strategy.

Beijing Anding Hospital is a National Standardized Training Base for Psychiatric Resident, and the appointed training base for students of Capital Medical University Mental Health School. With master and doctorate programs of psychiatry and mental health, and master program of clinical psychology, our hospital undertakes multiple psychiatry and nursing professional training tasks for Capital Medical University, several other medical schools, and many medical organizations throughout the country. While regarding psychiatry, mental health science, applied psychology undergraduate education as essential, we emphasize graduate education and strengthen continuing education, establishing and improving multilevel mental health education system. By facilitating the development of clinical psychology and psychiatry departments, we have gradually formed a multilevel school running modality, established an advanced undergraduate-postgraduate-continuing lifelong education system, and trained a faculty group qualified to and competent in various levels of teaching and training position, as well as numbers versatile talented, practical psychiatry experts.

As the unit to affiliate for a national psychiatry and mental health disorder clinical medicine research center, a national medication clinical trial organization, the Beijing Key Lab of Mental Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Treating Mental Disorder Speciality Center, the Beijing Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Psychic Health Research Institute, Beijing Anding Hospital not only has established the first and only mental health disorder data base in Beijing, but also has undertaken and completed several significantly important projects, including a national project supported by National Science and Technology Ministry, a “radical new medicine development” major science and technology project, and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Key R&D project, having earned Science and Technology Awards conferred by Beijing municipal government, Chinese Medical Association, and Chinese Preventive Medicine Association.

Among all the projects undertaken, the “Study on the Appropriate Diagnosis and Treatment Technology of Depression Based on Objective Indicators and Quantitative Evaluation” and the “Study on Comprehensive Intervention Strategy for ADHD” that we initiated have been included into “13th-5 Year Plan” National Major R&D Program.

3.To Build and Maintain a “Century Old Brand of Anding Hospital” Specified in Public Mental Health Management while Constantly Holding the Responsibility for Serving the Society

Beijing Anding Hospital appreciates and has kept improving its capability to provide psychological crisis intervention. In 2010, we became the leading unit of Beijing City Psychological Assistance Team. In the past years, the hospital has participated many times psychological assistance missions for national level major public emergency. During one after another actual practices, we have built a professional psychological assistance team that is ready to assemble at the first call and capable of fighting and winning. Our team actively participated the emergency psychological crisis intervention work of Wenchuan Earthquake, Ya’an Earthquake, Ludian Earthquake, Jiuzhaigou Earthquake, several local terrorist attack events, 2015 Hubei Jianli “East Star” Ship Sinking Event, Tianjin Binhai New Area Warehouse Explosion Event, 2019 Inner Mongolia Mine Disaster Event, 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Situation, and et al. During the courses of above intervention tasks, our team fully displayed the professional demeanor, expert level skills, and professional dedication as a medical clinician group in the capital, and finally earned the recognition and respect from the victims affected and relevant organizations.

At the same time, we pay close attention to general public mental health and wellbeing. With our professional strengths and advantages, using the National Popular Science Education Base, Beijing Health Improvement Model Base, Beijing Health Improvement Hospital, and Beijing Popular Science Education Base as plant-forms, we keep carrying out health education activities extensively, via mainstream media doing psychiatry and mental health popular science propaganda, and convening experts in this field to write and edit popular science books. The faculties of Beijing Anding Hospital visit residential neighborhood, campus, military camp, government office, enterprises, institutions, and public place to give lecture on well-being, to offer free mental health consultation, free psychiatric service, and to hold workshop, benefiting thousands of people. In 2016, our hospital was honored with the title of National Outstanding Popular Science Education Base.

In recent years, Beijing Mental Health Care Center, subordinate to Beijing Anding Hospital, has unremittingly made efforts to build a robust and sound mental health service system and a prevention framework for Beijing City, to facilitate the establishment and advancement of the “Three Systems, One Mechanism” mental health service plan in Beijing. Moreover, the center has kept promoting the update and advancement of legislation of mental health service, as well as the policies of medical assistance for patient, exploring the Hospital-Community-Family full-process management and treatment service modality, advancing the service quality and skill level of mental health service, completing the buildup of mental health service informatization system, expanding the domain and content of mental health enhancement, and facilitating actively the development Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaboration and cooperation mental health service system.

4. To Build and Maintain a “Century Old Brand of Anding Hospital” with New Ecosystem of Survival and Development by Constantly Regarding Data Intelligence as a Building Prospect

Under the facilitation and support of technical advancement and government policy, we hold and advance a modern management philosophy to keep pace with times. New technologies as Internet Plus, Cloud Platform, and Big Data provide our hospital with new development opportunities. As the initiating unit, the hospital has established a medical big data platform for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, a platform whose function has met the requirement of level 3 in “National Electronic Medical Record Rating System”. This platform is now serving more than 100 primary medical institutions in this area, making possible the medical data sharing of thousands of patient with mental disorder, and laying the foundation for future clinical-researching data conversion.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation, responding to the call of the country, Beijing Anding Hospital provided online medical diagnosis and treatment, allowing more convenient, smart, and efficient mental health service to the masses.

5. To Build and Maintain a “Century Old Brand of Anding Hospital” with International Academic Communication in Constantly Quest of Mutual Aid and Co-development

Beijing Anding Hospital devotes itself to facilitate and advance international communication in the areas of psychiatry, mental health, and clinical psychology. Thus, we insist on the “Go out and Invite in” foreign exchange communication strategy by increasing frequency, range, and depth of international exchange and cooperation. So far, our hospital has established connection and cooperation with many world-class top-level organizations such as Harvard University McLean Hospital, Duke University, University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of Manchester. Every year, we invite foreign experts and scholars to our hospital to have short- or middle-term working visit, to give lecture and workshop, and to carry technology co-work program. In the past few years, to “invite in”, we have continuously held international forums on new progress in psychiatry and clinical psychology, psychiatric clinical research methodology seminars, Sino-Norway Psychodynamic Therapist and Supervisor Continuous Training programs, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service System Development programs, Sino-Euro Psychotherapy Training program, so as to establish a academic communication platform for national and international mental health professional clinicians, and thus to facilitate the conversion and application of international mental health scientific and technological achievements in China.

Beijing Anding Hospital, with a history of more than 100 years, has accumulated profound and solid cultural deposits, owned the honorable tradition of “Harmony, Dedication, Preciseness, Innovation”, built an outstanding team of excellent mental health clinicians and experts, and mastered sufficient technical forces. In the future, Beijing Anding Hospital will, in the wave of healthcare reform, forge ahead, keep the courage to innovate, struggle as a united team, and work concertedly and conscientiously. With the vision “to strive for a first-class position in the field of psychiatry, and to extend the brand advantages in the field of mental health”, we will serve the people in Beijing, as well as Tianjin and Hebei, and even the whole China with medical service of high quality, excellent level of professional skill, and strict clinical attitude.

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