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Taichi Graphics

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8610hr.cn | Updated: Sept 16, 2022


After presenting the world with the ground-breaking Taichi programming language, Taichi Graphics has grown the language into one of the most popular open-source graphics frameworks, significantly boosting the productivity of parallel programming. The application scenarios cover a wide range of sectors, including visual effects, gaming physics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Based on the Taichi programming language, we are working on Taitopia, the very first cloud-native 3D digital content creation platform in the world, to enable ordinary creators to produce inspiring artworks with ease.

The latest developments and commits can be tracked at https://github.com/taichi-dev/taichi, which has attracted up to 200 contributors and recorded 20K stars and 1M downloads.

Equipped with top-notch expertise (R&D staff accounting for over 80% of our workforce), we apply and innovate the most cutting-edge technologies in computer graphics, compilers, high-performance computing, and cloud computing. Our products have been deployed to Kuaishou and other Internet giants and experienced by millions of users.

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