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Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Institute

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COMAC is the main body to implement the medium and large passenger aircraft project which is one of the major national large aircraft projects. It is also the main carrier to coordinate the development of trunk and regional aircraft and realize the industrialization of civil aircraft in China. COMAC is mainly engaged in the research, production, test flight of civil aircraft and related products, as well as the sales, service, lease and operation of civil aircraft.

Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “BATRI”) was funded by COMAC on March 29, 2010. It is a professional organization of COMAC to carry out pre research on commercial large aircraft in the future and a high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship base that COMAC focuses on building.

At present, BATRI has two key Beijing laboratories, and it has been established as the "Key Laboratory of Civil Aviation Intelligent Flight" of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It has signed a contract with the Airworthiness Certification Center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China to jointly build the "Airworthiness Certification Technology Innovation Studio". Through deepening the reform of scientific research organization, BATRI has built a scientific research organization structure of "one center and two institutes", that is the future product demonstration center, new energy power technology research institute and future technology research institute. The scientific research field covers the overall technical demonstration of future commercial large aircraft, flight physics and digital simulation, advanced structure integration, advanced system integration, new energy power, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, new technology exploration and application and other research fields. In addition, relevant open centers have been established, including COMAC Boeing sustainable aviation technology center, dream studio, Beijing Science Center - COMAC Aviation Technology Exhibition Center, etc.

Facing the future, BATRI will continue to make active use of the location advantage resources of the talent highland in Beijing, give full play to the two bell mouth functions of technology R&D and market demand, focus on the research and demonstration of future commercial aircraft, and promote the rapid transfer of research results to models. It is determined to become the leader of future models of commercial aircraft in China, the researchers of commercial aircraft key technology, explorers of integrated application of new technologies and practitioners of system and mechanism innovation of scientific research institutions.

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