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bfsu.edu.cn | Updated: Dec 16, 2021

University Accommodation—On-campus and off-campus

In order to give a convenient living environment for students from different campuses, as well as opportunities to make friends with people all around the world, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) offers 3 different dormitories located in both east and west campus and 1 off-campus student apartment, Guojiao Building, located on the east campus, White Building and Building 6 located on the west campus, and U Plus Apartment, which is about 15 minutes' walk from BFSU campuses.

BFSU student dormitories provide five types of rooms to the international students: single room I (private bedroom and bathroom), single room II (private bedroom and shared bathroom), double room I (two beds in one room, shared bathroom on each floor), double room II (two beds in one room, private bathroom) and quadruple room (four beds in one room, private bathroom).
For prices, please see the table below. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, television set, desk and chair, bed and bedding. High-speed internet facilities and services, as well as nominal charge are available in dormitory rooms.

Given the limited dormitory resources, BFSU accepts no room reservation for freshmen in the first semester, and provides necessary accommodation for every freshman who has the need. However, the type of room will be subject to uniform arrangements by the university. From the second semester on, students can make room reservation for themselves. Room applications by students in degree programs in their final year are subject to room availability, but in principle, BFSU will no longer provide on-campus dormitory.

When you check in at the General Service Desk, please show your Admission Notice and passport. You may need to pay RMB 400 as deposit. Only bank card, cash are accepted at the reception. The General Service Desk also provides you a "Registration Form of Temporary Residence". This is another important certificate for your legal stay in China, aside from your passport and visa. Please keep it along with your passport. It is required for your application of new visa, visa extension, additional entry or residence permit.

According to the law and the relevant policy, on-campus apartments are only able to host foreign students who are registered in the university. Neither the relatives or friends of students nor other persons are allowed to live in the apartments. Students living in the apartments should comply with the administrative regulations. For instance, lighting fire, including using candles is strictly prohibited in the rooms. Students are not allowed to host other people overnight in the rooms.

Off-campus Accommodation by Choice

Students who are familiar with Beijing, or those who have friends or family living here may choose to arrange their own accommodation, or share an apartment with friends. However, no homestay option with local families is presently offered by the university.

Students who choose to live off-campus during their study should arrange their own accommodation in advance. Those who live in a residential community should, within 24 hours of check-in, go to the nearest police station for the issuance of a "Registration Form of Temporary Residence" accompanied by the landlord (or other authorized agency). Students living off-campus can proceed on enrolment and visa formalities with a valid "Registration Form of Temporary Residence".

A special reminder is that before you sign for the contract or pay for the rental, do confirm that the owner of the apartment/house property is able to process the accommodation registration for you. Otherwise you will get into trouble of illegal stay. Moreover, you need to renew your "Registration Form of Temporary Residence" if you have moved to another place, changed your passport or renewed your visa.