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Student Activities

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bfsu.edu.cn | Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) currently has 36 registered student societies of various types.

Among them, the Students' International Communication Association (SICA) is a student organization dedicated to international exchange-related activities.

SICA organizes a variety of events every year, such as the International Carnival in May, the SICA NIGHT International Student Party in December, and the regular language corner and meeting with Chinese partners, etc.

SICA NIGHT is the largest and most widely attended international student party in BFSU. International students from all over the world display their talents here.

During the International Carnival, international students from different countries showcase their unique customs by parading, setting up booths and designing games.

Besides SICA, there are various other societies such as the Model United Nations Association, the Philharmonic Modern Music Association, the Silk Road Youth Society, Towards the Tree Environmental Protection Club, the Film Society and the Crosstalk Club. Every spring, all societies gather at the Cultural Square to showcase their fascinating culture.

There are also many colorful student activities at BFSU. The annual Top Ten Singers Competition is an event for students who love to sing to show off their wonderful voices. The end-of-year play presented by the Drama Club showcases the acting talents of BFSUers. And special performances by major art groups bring an audio-visual feast to students.