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bfsu.edu.cn | Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Students have an international assortment of meal options to choose from at one of the campus cafeterias. Regular options include: traditional Chinese cuisine, Halal meals, Japanese and Korean cuisine, and takeaway snacks.

Besides, different kinds of coffee, sandwiches, toast, Tiramisu, spaghetti and waffles are optional in the two cafes on campus as well. Moreover, there are some imported snack in the underground supermarket near the east gate in the East Campus.

Main Dining Hall

The Main Dining Hall is located across Guojiao Building in the East Campus and has four levels with a different cafeteria on each level. Students can choose from Northern and Southern Chinese dishes, Shanxi's style, Korean, Japanese and other international style cuisines.

The Halal Meals Dining Hall

The Halal Meals Dining Hall is located near the East gate in the east campus. Initially intended for Middle Eastern students, now it has attracted many Chinese and international students.

Meal Times (Main Dining Hall)

Breakfast: 7:00~8:20 (FI & F3)
Lunch: 11:00〜12:40 (FI, F2, F3) and 10:30〜13:30 (Bl)
Dinner: 17:00〜18:40 (FI, F2, F3) and 16:30〜21:00 (Bl)

Meal Times (Halal Meals Dining Hall)

Breakfast: 7:00〜8:00
Lunch: 11:00〜12:40
Dinner: 17:00〜18:40

How to get a dining card

Upon registration, students receive a campus card. The degree-program students, including the undergraduate students and graduate students, shall apply for a student IC card which can be used as the dining card.

The non-degree-program students, including the visiting students, exchange students and the Chinese language program students, shall apply for an ordinary dining card.

To report the loss or malfunctioning of your card, go to the Card Service Center located on the first floor of Information Technology Center, where you may handle most issues related to your card.

How to recharge your dining card

To recharge it, simply access one of the many available card machines on-campus. You can transfer the money from the debt card of the Bank of China that has been connected to your campus card. Card machines are available on the first floor of the Main Dining Hall, underground supermarket in the east campus, and the first floor of the university clinic in the west campus.

According to the university's regulation, the non-degree-program students using an ordinary dining card should be subject to 20% management fee.

Off-campus Restaurants

Outside the university, there are McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, Yoshinoya, and Bakeries, etc., as well as a variety of Chinese restaurants.