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Beijing Futurecity Academy

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Beijing Futurecity Academy is a K–12 international school jointly built by Changping District Government, Future Science City and Beijing National Day School. BFA always respects students’ path of growth, untapping the different potential of each student and achieving their distinctive strengths.

The curriculum is BFA’s essential product, the design of which combines the core of China’s national curriculum and the fruits of other world-leading curricula. The school provides students with diverse options, allowing students to understand the world in an ever-expanding radius of life, and to have the key abilities and necessary character to change the world. BFA’s curriculum guarantees that students experience first-class teaching and enjoy colorful life.

BFA’s team of teachers are loved by students as they display passion for education, global vision and lifelong learning ability. The school is home to BNDS–trained Chinese teachers and international teachers from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and other countries. BFA’s global team work together to explore personalized growth programs for each student.

BFA extols the value of "learning community" as a space for students to develop. All space at BFA supports student growth. BFA students are also able to enjoy social resources to learn because of the school’s proximity to natural sites such as the Future City Green Belt and Waterfront Park, and to Subway Line 17 which directly links to the city center.

Our Vision:

To become a pioneer in education ecology

Our Mission:

To guide and accompany all BFA students through their lifelong adventures.

Our Core Values:

•Do our best to support teachers, so they can do their best to support students.

•Discover students’ individuality and help them grow into their best selves.

•Invest in the learning environment to culture prolonged student growth.

We believe that we can make an impact and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our students and our schools are successful. We are seeking diverse and dedicated candidates who value continuous, cooperative learning, commitment to quality service, compassion and curiosity.

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