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Move-in weekend | Welcome, incoming Fudaners!

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fudan.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 24, 2021

Last weekend witnessed over ten thousand new faces from all over the world arriving on campus ready to embark on their new journey.

About 4,000 undergraduate students and over 11,000 graduate students enrolling this year gathered at Fudan last weekend as the new semester is soon to kick off.

On Sunday, about 200 student volunteers bustled about all over the campuses to deliver luggage for freshmen. Electric tricycles carrying freshmen’s luggage shuttled between dormitories.

To strengthen epidemic prevention and control, 14-day epidemiology reports and proof of negative COVID-19 tests were required for campus entry. Medical and protective supplies, including hand sanitizer, disinfection wipes and surgical masks, could also be found at the entrances and reception desks.

Chair of Fudan University Council Jiao Yang gave a warm welcome to the incoming Fudaners living on Handan and Jiangwan campuses.

Jin Li, Executive Vice President of Fudan University and President of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, and Xu Jun, Vice President of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University welcomed incoming medical students on Handan Campus.

Vice President Zhang Renhe greeted graduate students at registration counters.

Xu Yiding, a freshman in the experimental class of engineering, had his leg amputated four years ago due to osteosarcoma. A specially designed accessible dorm room has been prepared to make his life easier. “With so many people’s help, my worries about my life at Fudan have largely been dispelled. I am really moved by everyone’s kindness,” said Xu.

“I am a bit nervous as this is my first day in Fudan. My heart keeps pounding,” said Sabrina Shah Kazmi, a Pakistani freshman at Shanghai Medical College. Impressed by the courage and efficiency Chinese medics demonstrated during the epidemic, Sabrina has determined to become a doctor in the future. She intends to obtain a bachelor’s degree before continuing to pursue a graduate degree. She is also excited to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities of the university to enrich her campus life.

Marco Lovisetto, who is a doctoral candidate from Italy at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, said in fluent Chinese that he was very happy to study in Fudan University.