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Welcome to ZJU, Class of 2025!

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zju.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 21, 2021

On the evening of Sept. 10, Zhejiang University held the Opening Convocation ceremony on Zijingang Campus to welcome the Class of 2025.

Zhejiang University Council Chairman Ren Shaobo, President Wu Zhaohui and other university leaders were present at the ceremony.

President Wu, in his remarks, inspired the incoming freshmen to develop their unique edge by combining theoretical learning and practical exploration, exposing themselves to multiple disciplines and keeping inquisitive in the quest for truth.

“I hope that you can shoulder the responsibility of our times through integration of character building, quality improvement, capability cultivation and knowledge acquisition,” Wu also urged the newest cohort to connect personal growth with national development.

“Life is a book. Parents give you the cover, but you need to fill the book with contents on your own,” said Yin Qing in his speech on behalf of parents. He also expressed his heartfelt hope that students should lay a solid foundation at this critical stage of life and embark on a new journey of self-transcendence at ZJU.

Prof. Zhu Yongguan (’89, soil and agricultural chemistry), a member of Chinese Academy of Science, said in his remarks that “college is a key step in life from learning to innovation.” He hoped that students can aim high, have a good heart and lead a rich and fulfilling life under the guidance of the University motto of “Seeking truth and pursuing innovation”.

The University also specially issued a commemorative cover to encourage the new cohort to strive to be pioneers in the great cause of national rejuvenation.