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PKU Jiayuan Canteen: The ultimate guide

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pku.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 20, 2021

The Jiayuan Canteen, bristling in its freshly renovated splendour, officially opens!

On November 27, 2020, Jiayuan Canteen held a grand soft opening. Ever wondered about how to navigate the spacious seven-story complex (four levels on the ground and three levels underground)? Curious about what old and new delicacies Jiayuan holds in store? Let's find out now!

Though Jiayuan has been carefully teased in promotions as of late, nothing beats seeing the canteen in person. Greeting us at the entrance of the fourth floor was an expansive spread of stylish, modern dining sets, with a grand piano on a lit-up stage to boot. Those musically inclined will now have the chance to showcase their talent! Furthermore, the open area located outside is also sure to become a student-favourite in summer and spring.

The highlights of Jiayuan Canteen are the hotpot and drink booth. Thirst-quenchers like mango juice and passion fruit tea are served at the drink booth, enabling us to enjoy right here on campus instead of having to order takeout.

"My favourite destination are the study areas on the third and fourth floor.

These cosy little nooks are nicely partitioned from the dining areas and can host large groups. There are also cushioned sofa seats grouped in nice compact cubicles, perfect for a group discussion or just a meet-up between friends," says our student journalist Li Wanqi.

On a side note, traveling up and down Jiayuan was very convenient. One can choose to take the lift, the stairs, or the escalators outside the building.

What's a taste test without the food? Onto the highlight for the day. Stores on the third and fourth floor have not yet opened for business, but based on the variety on deck, let's just say that we're spoilt for choice.

Vendors on the first and second stories have put out dishes for trying. Most of China's Eight Cuisines, Xinjiang Cuisine, and Japanese & Korean Cuisines among others can be spotted here, all offered at affordable prices.

The first floor has traditional Chinese pastries and desserts like almond bean curd, glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour and crispy cakes, of which many students weren't even able to try due to their immense popularity!

Also noteworthy is that the much-loved Beautiful Time Cafe has moved to the basement level of Jiayuan.

Jiayuan certainly outshines with its student-oriented designs and the array of delicacies it offers. For students on campus and overseas, Jiayuan Canteen awaits everyone's arrival!